Controversial Executive Orders in the White Revolution

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The government of Donald Trump is about to complete a month of management and the tsunami that has caused not only in the United States but in the world is of such a magnitude that its effects are seen not only immediately but will feel in months or perhaps years . However, it has been enough for the first 30 days to accumulate its first four severe defeats: the cuts took red card to its executive orders, had to accept that the relations with China go through to recognize "a single China", to dismiss to its adviser National Security and, last but not least, having to confront the intelligence services that filtered people around him with figures of the Russian government, and thus demonstrate that they distrust the president to give him sensitive information.

Too much for not even time. But if the Russian affair has overshadowed the confrontation with the judiciary, this conflict is no small matter since in essence Trump has tried to ignore him as his peer,that is as equivalent to his power, which constitutes one of the values Constitutional principles of American democracy: the balance of powers, the Executive, Legislative and Judicial co-government. It will take months for the Supreme Court to resolve the conflict but the clash has already occurred and in a very bad way, questioning the majesty of the judiciary.

The political class and society stare at the performance of their president and their inner circle and rub their eyes daily to make sure that what they observe is pure reality. To date, there is no articulated and broad response from the Democratic opposition and civilian leadership, as events go faster than the time needed to reflect and act. Needless to say, Hispanic leadership, absent and breathless, like bathers wallowed by a tremendous wave that does not have when finished. Trump despite all his mistakes has managed to paralyze any hint of organized opposition and national scope. At least until now.

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