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The racist speech in Peru by Jorge Yeshayahu Gonzales-Lara

The racist speech in Peru Ethnic groups in Peru have had a unique cultural and historical experience, and different from other experiences of other groups. This is not a conceptual blend (mestizos, cholificacion, modernization genetics and so on.) can solve the problems of racism and discrimination, if not on historical experience and cultural exclusivity of each group and in regard to differences in regarding the diversity of indigenous languages and linguistic diversity of Castilian, in respect racial diversity-ethnic, gender, labor, and in regard to be different sharing the same civil rights, politicians and citizens.

The racist speech in Peru
By Jorge Gonzales Yeshayahu-LaraDespite being a country with a diversity of ethnic and multicultural diversity, there is much racism in Peru. Racial discrimination is not a novelty. It is a result of a long process that has lasted for centuries, which excludes a segment of the population on the basis of ethnicity…