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Restaurantes Peruanos en New York: The DiasporaTaste of Peru.

The Diaspora Taste of Peru: Peruvian Restaurants in New York by: Jorge Yeshayahu Gonzales-Lara

Peruvian restaurants have flourished worldwide and this cannot be more noticeable than in the United States. In cities like New York, New Jersey, Miami and Los Angeles, many Peruvian restaurants have successfully opened their doors to the diverse American public and have maintained them open, proving that Peruvian Restaurants have come to stay. Many people who come to a Peruvian Restaurant and taste Peruvian food for the first time become so enchanted with Peruvian food.
Without a doubt its mysterious history encloses the answer. Let’s take a moment to explore the various historical influences that have created the Peruvian food that we have come to know thru Peruvian Restaurants. Before the Europeans arrived to the Americas the Incas in what is now Peru were already using a variety of crops that this land offered, such as potatoes, corn, quinoa, hot peppers, etc that are base ingredients in Per…