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Premio Orgullo Peruano 2011 - La Diasporas Peruanas

Orgullo Peruano 2010 from Titán Medios Visuales on Vimeo.

The NGO Anna Lindh, an organization dedicated to promote the sustainable development in Peru, through social responsibility programs, along with the consultant of communication C&H Image Corporation SAC, are pleased in presenting the "IV Encounter of Enterprising and Successful Peruvians Residing abroad" where the award "Peruvian PRIDE 2011" will be given, award that is offered to our resident countrymen abroad in recognition of the good representation they make of our country Peru, abroad, through the art, work, undertaking and in accordance with their Social Responsibility as Peruvian immigrants abroad.
For the event’s organizing institutions it is important to recognize the achievements of those Peruvians who with effort and dedication contribute to the successful development of Peru’s image abroad.
While “The Spanish Royal Academy” dictionary defines the word success as "the happy result of a bus…