Premio Orgullo Peruano 2011 - La Diasporas Peruanas

Orgullo Peruano 2010 from Titán Medios Visuales on Vimeo.

The NGO Anna Lindh, an organization dedicated to promote the sustainable development in Peru, through social responsibility programs, along with the consultant of communication C&H Image Corporation SAC, are pleased in presenting the "IV Encounter of Enterprising and Successful Peruvians Residing abroad" where the award "Peruvian PRIDE 2011" will be given, award that is offered to our resident countrymen abroad in recognition of the good representation they make of our country Peru, abroad, through the art, work, undertaking and in accordance with their Social Responsibility as Peruvian immigrants abroad.

For the event’s organizing institutions it is important to recognize the achievements of those Peruvians who with effort and dedication contribute to the successful development of Peru’s image abroad.

While “The Spanish Royal Academy” dictionary defines the word success as "the happy result of a business or action", for us, that word means a lot more. We do not only speak of the sum of good economic indicators but, above all, to the fact of reaching personal goals, to consolidate oneself as a citizen and to watch for the welfare of our community.

The effort and the undertaking of our countrymen abroad serve as example for millions of Peruvians who seek to excel in spite of the adversities. Because of it, to all our countrymen we reiterate our invitation to participate in the "IV Encounter of Enterprising and Successful Peruvians Residents abroad – Prize Peruvian Pride 2011", to be presented from the 12 to the 18 of October, 2011 in Lima, Peru.

In this IV Encounter, diverse protocolary, cultural and supportive activities will be carried out, among them the Welcoming Ceremony that will offer to our countrymen, the Commission for Congress of Foreign Affairs of the Republic, Chamberman Raúl Porras Barrenechea, the guided tour of the installations of the Government Palace, the social program, "LEAVE ME A MEMORY" that consists of the patronage on the part of the winners to 30 children with Different abilities from Escuela San Bartolomé de los Barrios Altos and lastly on the 18th will be the Grand formal dinner in the JW MARRIOTT Hotel, where delivery of the awards mentioned before, will be given to all the winners.

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