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La Diaspora Latino Magazine Eicion Digital 2014: Todos comemos y todos tenemos algo que decir al respecto.

Bienvenidos/ Welcome We all eat and we all have something to say about it.
Get a friendly greeting and a warm welcome to the 2014 edition of The Diaspora.
In this edition you will find our topics of interest to the food, music, restaurants, arts, culture and Latin American personalities. We are very excited to offer a magazine that you enjoy their songs.
The social dynamism is essential, sharing knowledge and constant collaboration with other professionals, who can always enrich journalistic texts, as we all eat and we all have something to say about it. For scholars of the art of cooking and gastronomy, food journalism is linked to the history and culture of ancient peoples as the food is the culinary identity of a people.
The food journalist, if possible, be made of experiences in the various components of food, such as gourmet, nutrition, dietetics, popular cuisine, catering, among others that may escape.
Today, our cover with Rosa Elvira Cartagena, (former Miss Peru), representing …