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Peru: Medio Millon de mineros informales no pagan mpuesto y contaminan el medio ambiente

Peru: Medio Millon de mineros informales 

En el Perú, el número de mineros informales supera casi el medio millón, 3% de la Población Económicamente Activa (PEA). Significativo número de habitantes que explota oro sin permiso del Estado. Es decir, no paga impuestos y contamina el medio ambiente con mercurio, metal pesado utilizado en el proceso de beneficio del metal precioso.
La mayoría de los informales extrae oro, una cifra reducida cobre que requiere explotarse a gran escala. Según la Autoridad Regional Ambiental, las operaciones auríferas el año pasado generaron 11 mil millones de dólares. De este monto, según el especialista del Instituto del Perú, Miguel Santillana, el 18% provino de la actividad informal.
Para los representantes de los mineros artesanales, las cifras de trabajadores dedicados a esta actividad que dan las autoridades son reducidas. Ellos refieren que un millón dependen de la actividad. La cifra oficial alcanza el 3% de la PEA. Sin duda quieren meter presión.

ICTJ World Report: Charles Taylor Verdict and West Africa: Not Even Half the Story

ICTJ World Report
Issue 12
May 2012 In FocusCharles Taylor Verdict and West Africa: Not Even Half the Story The conviction of former Liberian president Charles Taylor for crimes against humanity and war crimes committed in neighboring Sierra Leone finds both West African countries and the region grappling with his terrible legacy. And while the people, and especially Taylor’s victims, in Sierra Leone welcome it as an important step in the country’s effort to overcome the consequences of the brutal civil war, Liberians are still a long way from seeing accountability for the suffering they endured. Read More...Subscribe

42nd Washington Conference on the Americas Global Recovery: The Regional View

42nd Washington Conference on the Americas
Global Recovery: The Regional View Visit AS/COA at | View email in browser | Text only version WASHINGTON DC, May 8, 2012—In its signature annual Washington event, Council of the Americas brought together senior hemispheric officials to dialogue with private-sector leaders and government representatives at the U.S. State Department today. The 42nd Annual Washington Conference allowed speakers to focus on prioritizing U.S. partnerships with Latin America, as well as the growing importance of regional trade with Asia-Pacific countries. As opening speaker U.S. Deputy Secretary of State William Burns remarked: “The most successful countries and regions will be those that look outward, not inward.”
Free markets and free people are the key to a secure, prosperous future for all of the Americas,” said U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner, addressing the conference. He urged that the United States remain engaged in…

United States intensely lived PERUVIAN DAYS for Peruvian cuisine

United States intensely lived PERUVIAN DAYS for Peruvian cuisine ·More than six thousand people from states located in the northeast U.S. enjoyed Peruvian Cuisine for the World 2012 in North Bergen, New Jersey.
·Regional food from the Peruvian jungle and traditional picarones were sensations at PCW ·The show by Jean Paul Strauss was stellar, after a dose of his show Vibra Peru.

The aromas and flavors of Peruvian cuisine came together this past weekend in the city of North Bergen, New Jersey. Its aromas and flavors attracted more than six thousand people who visited Peruvian Cuisine for the World 2012, which became the symbol of Peru's gastronomic fair in the northeastern United States. "PCW was born to bring Peruvian cuisine to citizens from around the world and what better place than New Jersey to fulfill this objective as here people from virtually every continent come together, some with two or three generations in the United States," said the president of Peruvian Cuisine…