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Human Trafficking in New York: 69 Peruvian immigrants were smuggling and enslaving.

Human Trafficking in New York
By: Jorge Yeshayahu Gonzales-Lara The United States is leading the global battle to fight human trafficking and the slavery usually attached to it. The U.S. government has declared such human trafficking one of the greatest threats to human dignity. Condemning this scourge and remaining firmly committed to protecting victims who fall prey to traffickers.
Under U.S. Federal human trafficking laws, trafficking victims are treated as refugees, rather than illegal immigrants to be deported. Because federal officials cannot police the enormous immigration and trafficking issues alone, they have urged the individual states to participate as well. Nine States have passed anti-trafficking laws. In 2004, the U.S. Department of Justice awarded $13.1 million to U.S. municipalities to fight trafficking, as well as provide food, clothing, and shelter to win slave victims' trust and cooperation in prosecuting organized crime leaders. It is not surprising that U.S. tr…