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Opinion from Peru about Immigrants in United States

Opinion from Peru about Immigrants in United States
Alumna de 4º de secundaria de INSTITUCIÓN EDUCATIVA de “Sor Ana de los Ángeles” Callao,

Well, in my opinion all this kind of problems are very important, but in this case we are talking about the people who are immigrants from another countries , I know that there are a lot of people who think that , with just being there they will get money but the reality is totally different .

All those laws are very important for united states, because if all people get there will be too much population over there, by the way all this problem affects to people and it is also important to remember that if those thing happens the contamination in the world will increase and all this things will affect to people who live in the world.

It’s also terrible to know that there are illegal’s and I am sure that suffer discrimination and they are exploited so they passed too many things they live like no others they may feel terrible.

Another things I want to sa…