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Frentes Electorales en el Perú y el Centro Político electoral al 2011

The new electoral politics of the fronts in Peru and Policy Center at the 2011 election La novedad política de los frentes electorales en el Perú y el Centro Político electoral al 2011 Jorge Yeshayahu Gonzales-Lara The idea of building fronts in the context of electoral turn round in front of the Peruvian government. The new policy is that these fronts in the search for items named electoral Policy Center, which is defined from various political strands. In recent years the mobility policy of social classes and political parties in Peru has set up a new era of political and social forces. Today, the leftist parties espouse liberal outlets and actions, and there are parties who claim the right for human rights with the vehemence of the left. In this scenario is arising from the proposed electoral fronts, for the electoral process of 2011. There is a consensus in the political approach of the Center for representation electoral politics, but the differences come in the leadership election …