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In Peru Election, Expats Take an Outsized Role

In Peru Election, Expats Take an Outsized Role By MATT MOFFETT
BUENOS AIRES:In the tightest presidential election in modern Peruvian history on Sunday, every vote will count even those cast here in Argentina.
Opinion polls show the conservative Keiko Fujimori and leftist Ollanta Humala in a technical tie in their runoff race, giving the 750,000 Peruvian expatriates who are eligible to vote, around 4% of the total electorate, a more crucial role than ever before.
“The Peruvian immigrant community knows that its votes could decide the election, and that’s a lot of responsibility,” said Carlos Gallardo Guarniz, a Peruvian residing in Argentina who runs a magazine called “El Sol del Peru.”
Most of the votes from Peruvians residing in countries such as Argentina, the U.S. and Spain are expected to go to Ms. Fujimori, analysts say. Since that foreign backing doesn’t show up in public opinion polls taken in Peru, that could provide her with a latent source of support of between .5% and 1% of tota…