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Triumph of Democracy in Peru

Triumph of Democracy in Peru Fujimorismo is not a doctrine, or philosophy, Fujimorismo is just a way of radical populism
By: Jorge Yeshayahu Gonzales-Lara The Latino diaspora Digital Magazine

The narrow victory of PPK has saved Peru from a disaster. Triumph of democracy, with the vote of all Peruvians from various political options, parties, generations, youth, adults, men and women who gambled by Peru to put their differences aside for democracy and dignity against political autocracy, representing Keiko Fujimori. For the first time in the political history of Peru, they found that various parties with political philosophies, had a national point of coincidence, and was democracy against radical populism and political autocracy.

The narrow victory of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski in the presidential election on June 5th saved Peru from a catastrophe. This victory makes clear lessons:
1. The interests of the nation and democracy continuity is about the interests of political parties. 2.…

Burying Fujimorismo

Burying Fujimorismo The successful movement against Keiko Fujimori’s candidacy could be the basis for a growing left in Peru. Gerardo Renique After two decades of drastic neoliberal reconfiguration, Peruvian elites approached the April 2016 general election comforted by the fact that ten of the twelve candidates shared — albeit with some minor differences — the same economic strategy. But against all expectations, leftist Veronika (“Vero”) Mendoza’sthird-place finish in the first round forced a ballotage between the favorite Keiko Fujimori and Pedro Pablo Kucynski, who until then was considered a dark horse. Scheduled for early June, the presidential runoff turned into the hardest-fought campaign in recent Peruvian history. Fujimori, daughter of former president Alberto Fujimori, imprisoned for human right abuses and embezzlement, was twenty points ahead of Kucynski — a former investment banker, World Bank functionary, and state minister — in April. But in a remarkable victory Kucynski won…