Triumph of Democracy in Peru

Triumph of Democracy in Peru

Fujimorismo is not a doctrine, or philosophy, Fujimorismo is just a way of radical populism

By: Jorge Yeshayahu Gonzales-Lara
The Latino diaspora Digital Magazine

The narrow victory of PPK has saved Peru from a disaster. Triumph of democracy, with the vote of all Peruvians from various political options, parties, generations, youth, adults, men and women who gambled by Peru to put their differences aside for democracy and dignity against political autocracy, representing Keiko Fujimori. For the first time in the political history of Peru, they found that various parties with political philosophies, had a national point of coincidence, and was democracy against radical populism and political autocracy.


The narrow victory of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski in the presidential election on June 5th saved Peru from a catastrophe. This victory makes clear lessons:

1. The interests of the nation and democracy continuity is about the interests of political parties.
2. It is possible to work long-range projects for democracy and security of the nation is in danger when the state and the rights of citizens of a country against the presence of money from narco-mafias that can endanger the security of the entire region.
3. That in the national insecurity and political corruption; democratic forces of a society can work for the welfare of democratic institutions.


During the dictatorship of Alberto Fujimori and Vladimiro Montesinos, tortured, kidnapped and unprecedented murderer stole. The triumph of democracy prevented the installation of a narco-state in Latin America. When everything that Keiko Fujimori was the favorite to win the election. The public declaration of Veronica Mendoza, leader of the Broad Front coalition of leftist groups, saying the only way to stop the return of dictatorship was "mark PPK". They changed the course of the electorate. This is the first precedent in the Peruvian left in public policy. Veronica Mendoza acted up to the political circumstances, showing maturity and integrity by a project beyond the left to the left, for a project to the nation for all Peruvians.


Then the great national and international march organized by "Keiko No VA". Which it resonated in various segments of Peruvian society, even more so in those who had not yet decided their choice and vote. At the international level in the Peruvian Diasporas (New York, Miami, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Sweden, France) they recalled the dictatorship and the coup of Fujimori to democracy in Peru and political scandals linked to the financing of political campaign money the drug trade.

Personalities, writers, scholars, musicians and Peruvian artists abroad expressed their opposition to the presence of people linked to drug trafficking in the electoral process. The statement, of Mario Vargas Llosa Nobel prize for Literature was followed by the declaration of artists, writers and professionals. Then the audio, where the popular party secretary general Force, Joaquin Ramirez, who confirms that if the DEA is investigating Ramirez, his brother and his uncle Fidel Ramirez owner of the Universidad Alas Peruanas for money laundering and drug trafficking. following weeks, the vice presidential candidate for Popular Forces, José Chlimper is accused of manipulating and altering audio to change the pilot's statement, Vazquez, DEA informant. Public statements by personalities from the world of politics, which pushed for democratic governance and continuity.


PPK will not have an easy life against fujimoristas 72 parliamentarians, who control most of the seats. Little is expected of them, and legislative proposals for governance. Its function will be of the obstruction, as elected congressmen have expressed. "We will not let govern." But among his adversaries you find better allies for good laws, reforms and respect agreements between adversaries. Fujimorismo is not a doctrine, or philosophy, is not a party that has no ideas or governance program. Fujimorismo is just a way of radical populism, which has sustained the resources obtained from the looting of public funds during last decade. His style is giving away trinkets and even money to the poorest sectors of Peru.


All these political events helped remind voters Peru and the 3 million Peruvians living abroad, Keiko Fujimori and Popular Force kept the undemocratic practices linked and having the evils of government of his father in prison for crimes against humanity and corruption. Thus, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski achieved the tight victory. Actually, I win democracy that the vote of all Peruvians from various political options, parties, generations, youth, adults, men and women pushed for the nation and put their differences aside for democracy. For many the improbable, the left and center-right technocrat managed to arrange for democratic governance and continuity. A lesson for Latin America and their parties, because political corruption of parties of the right and left have affected policies in the region. The Veins of Latin America, have been democratizing, against the policies of re-election of Evo Morales in Bolivia, the political defeat of Peronism in Argentina and allegations of political corruption, revocation of Dilma Rousseff in Brazil and allegations of undue influence, defeat Maduro government in Venezuela for the victory of the opposition in the parliamentary elections, the peace accords in Colombia with the oldest guerrilla group in Latin America. These new changes favor democracy and break the myths to the XXI Century in the fight against xenophobia, homophobia and radical Islamic fundamentalist intolerance.

Today the administration is expected to Pedro Pablo Kuczynski achieve a consensus government with democratic forces, strengthen democratic institutions and improve living standards, social, economic and most important public safety. The Peruvians living abroad we have become a fundamental part of the democratic continuity. The Peruvians abroad are part of the globalized world in the world of transnational migration.

Miami June 15, 2016.

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