THE WORST IS YET TO COME: Presidential debate Second Round: Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump:

Presidential debate
Second Round: Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump

By: Enrique Soria
La Diáspora Latino Magazine

Anyone will argue that the current political debate has become a real eyesore. Insults right and left, lurid intimacies, strings of lies thrown on purpose and a host of inaccuracies that do not stand up under scrutiny, have put aside political proposals and economic proposals that everyone expects two candidates for presidency the United States.

We all know who is primarily responsible for such a mess that has put the political agenda at the level of brawling barroom, and we all know that the break between Donald Trump and barons (and Baronesses) Republican Party is due to the basic fact of survival, that is because he is not supported because the mogul threatens the existence of the party in the House of Representatives and the Senate, which added to a defeat in November leads to a real catastrophe.

But the candidate for the White House by the party elephant and who make up the Republican leadership and its members in the legislature, have them add to the followers of Trump, even that mass and non-uniform forgives all wrongheaded argument to selling houses because they believe he is the only one who can transform this country and out of the darkness. Without that mass or Trump it is where it is and Republicans had not looked profile when Trump brought out all that copropalico arsenal, which makes competitors to the White House by both parties in previous editions they are seen today as true knights of the sword and armor.

It is a triad leader, party machinery and vociferous mass. All three factors combine to offer the show we're watching. Observe speeches of Adolf Hitler in the 30s and find as the Fuhrer put on the verge of paroxysm the Germans appealing to the liver and heart (but never to reason). Rains nationalism, racism waste (insulting Jews in industrial quantities) and populism everywhere. The media today emphasize only two players in this identity crisis suffered by Americans: the Trump leader and the Republican machine with leaders and legislators, but and fawning mass that has been applauding when Trump insulted Mexicans, he taunted women and derision toward the disabled.

Hence Trump does not care that Republican leaders abandoned him leave as a bride at the altar. He knows he has a vociferous mass that will forgive all sin despite that surveys are being adverse to him. The people of rural America that are most affected by the slow economic recovery and they do not perceive a future just around the corner will continue to give the support that they have no choice, because they are sure that with Hillary will be more than the same.

Trump to be no compromise with Republicans push the car without ankle bracelets, so the worst of it will come out in what remains from here to Election Day. There will be no formalities to respect and fulfill agreements. He is a man accustomed to doing what he seems. If he wins the election will surround themselves with unconditional and will seek to intervene in international affairs as if the world outside US jurisdiction and not sovereign states with which we must negotiate and reach compromises.

All progress on environmental issues will be thrown into the dustbin and the hegemony of Russia (which does not hide its foreign policy high power) will be expanded by the planet for errors commit in Syria and the Middle East. By breaking with Iran will destabilize the region and negotiations with the Arab world complicate so thanks to its Islam-phobia. Imagine Trump at a summit of heads of state? If someone was looking for the fifth horseman of the apocalypse as you know where to find him.

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