29 Outstanding Winners Peruvian Pride Award “Premios Orgullo Peruano 2016”

29 Outstanding Winners Peruvian Pride Award

Premios Orgullo Peruano 2016”

 "Peruvian Pride Awards and Foreign Solidarity" that for the ninth consecutive year will be held from 17 to 22 October at Club La Union in Lima, Peru. Peruvian Pride Award is the award given annually to outstanding Peruvians with their successful careers strengthen Peru's image abroad. During these eight years it has awarded such recognition to 176 Peruvians living abroad and foreigners of various nationalities solidarity for their selfless work with the Peruvian community in the world. Gala Dinner on 29 winners will be recognized; and is held in the iconic Club of La Union.

Macchu Pisco Outstanding Winner

Among the featured runner, the company Macchu Pisco, Melanie Asher,  Lizzie Asher Elizabeth Asher, Lula Valdivia, Irina Herrera Díaz, Nitza Mendoza, Christian Esquivel, Manuel Donayre, Fernando Gonzales, Verónica Torres, James Murillo, Roberto Pazos, Tonny Zuccar, Fabiola Galindo, Eduardo Tamariz, Wilder Gómez, Gastón Pflucker, Volga Santos, Milagros Acosta, María Christina Sayman, Cesar Torero, Mónica Oganes, Janet Benoit, Omar Malpartida, Andrés Marroquí, Yuri Campos, Carlos Cabrera, Jesus Yactayo, Samuel Cavero, Gabriela Arslanoglu, Bressy Arana, Marisol Fernández, Rosa Manrique, Elisa Monserrate-Toro, Johnny Mora, CJ. Mac Cann,  Francisco Guerrero, Alba Azcuy among the nominees winners.

Hansel Barrenechea, executive director of NGO Anna Lindh and Jorge Yeshayahu Gonzales-Lara, president of the Digital Diaspora Latino Magazine, highlighted the work of the company Macchu Pisco by diffusion and positioning of Peruvian Pisco breaking stars in the sky and the outstanding work of Melanie and Lizzy Asher. The work of the Foundation Aromas of Peru and President, Marita Astete; the altruistic work of prominent foreign joint Colombian-born, Alba Azcuy, also to Velnet 21 and the humanitarian work of Dr. David Velasquez, and the Restaurant Gran Cajamarquez.

The event will have the presence of Peruvian government officials, entrepreneurs, personalities, journalists and the winners of the Awards.

La Dispora Latino Magazine

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