Roberto Bustamante 
Roberto Bustamante is a distinguished Peruvian-American journalist with an outstanding record of service to the community. Whether working as a reporter/editor or volunteering his time for a host of special causes, Mr. Bustamante is a well-respected journalist and advocate for social justice.  

His many years as a reporter at El Diario/La Prensa, Noticias del Mundo, 1280 Wado Radio Station in New York, are some examples of what Roberto means to his community and to those who have benefited from his activism. Mr. Bustamante has also worked as a consultant in news-media for the United Nations, lending his considerable expertise to the Institute of Training and research for Women in the Dominican Republic. 

Roberto Bustamante began his career in his native Peru, working in journalism, public relations and public opinion research.  Since immigrating to the United States in 1980 he has continued to excel as a media commentator.  In its defense of the rights of the Peruvian immigrants, in the decade of the 80s, Mr. Bustamante initiated a movement in the United States in favor of the Peruvian constitutional reform. He was the author of the first draft of the bill for not to loss the Peruvian nationality, which today is included by the 1993 Peruvian Political Constitution.  
Roberto Bustamante entered to the political arena in New Jersey State developing important functions in political campaigns. In 2001, he worked as a Hispanic Media coordinator for the Victory 2001 campaign of the New Jersey Democratic Committee. In 2006 he worked as a consultant in Hispanic Media for Cory Booker campaign in Newark As a former member of the New Jersey’s Ethnic Advisory Council, Roberto Bustamante was also actively engaged in this hometown of Rutherford and Bergen County serving as Vice president of the Rutherford Borough Civil Rights Commission. He was also a  member of the Bergen County Youth Services Commission and Bergen County Minority Affairs Advisory Commission. Currently employed by the State of New Jersey as a communications specialist for the State Department of Law and Public Safety.

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