Third Peruvian Contemporary Film Showcase: Peruvian Documental & Films : Miss Universe in Peru & Don't Tell AnyOne

Third Peruvian Contemporary Film Showcase by Lorry Salcedo

Peruvian Documental & Films: Miss Universe in Peru & Don't Tell Anyone

WEDNESDAY, September 26, 2012        (Films presented by Linda Villarosa) 
6 – 6:40 pm “Miss Universe in Peru” (Miss Universo en el Peru)
Documentary by Grupo Chaski / 1986 / 40 min (Spanish dialogue with English subtitles)
Shot during the Miss Universe contest hosted by Peru in 1982, this documentary juxtaposes the glamour of the pageant with the realities of Peruvian women’s lives, while providing a critique of multinational corporate interest in the universal commodification of women. Grupo Chaski is a collective engaged in video production in Peru and is deeply committed to women’s equality and participation in society.
6:50 – 6:55 pm     “XP”
Fiction short by Joshua Christopher Day / 2006 / 5 min (Spanish dialogue with English subtitles)
A child at a religious school confesses his sins while the priest recalls his own from his childhood.
7:05 – 8:55 pm   Don’t Tell Anyone” (No se lo Digas a Nadie)
Feature-lengthfiction film by Francisco Lombardi / 1998 / 111 min (Spanish dialogue with English subtitles)                        
A coming-out, coming-of-age tale (based on the novel by Jaime Bayly) set in a predominantly homophobic and religious Peruvian society, this film is by turns sensitive, touching, funny, alarming and, above all, highly enjoyable. We witness all the ups and downs of a young man, Joaquin (Santiago Magill), as he struggles to come to terms with his sexuality in a country where being gay is akin to being a leper, and violence towards gays is an almost daily occurrence.

Location: Cervantes Institute - New York (211 East 49th St. Bet. 3th & 2nd Ave.)

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