United States and the world surrendered to our ceviche at the First "Peruvian Ceviche Fest 2012"

United States and the world surrendered to our ceviche at the First "Peruvian Ceviche Fest 2012"

-       The Mayor of Paterson was responsible for inaugurating the First Ceviche Festival in the United States
-       For the first time in this kind of event, the audience participated in choosing the best ceviche.

As it couldn't be no other way, the most Peruvian city of the United States, Paterson- New Jersey, celebrated Ceviche Day in a special way. Thousands of visitors visited the First Edition of Peruvian Ceviche Fest, which was held and will be held in tribute to our signature dish every year in that area of ​​North America.

The inaugural event was conducted by the Mayor of Paterson, the Honorable Jeffery Jones; Consul Jose Benzaquen, and Vice Consul Alexander Beoutis
From early on the audience filled the venue on Saturday, June 30th, in where despite the immense heat, sanitation was managed in this case when there is a public offering of raw fish in a successfully coordinated and organized way.

The event held at the main square of Paterson received hundreds of Peruvian residents, visitors from other large communities like the Mexican, Brazilian, and Dominican, among others.


A new feature that caught the attention of the audience was that they were on the jury; thus democratizing the election of the winners and sympathy found in the taste of each dish and stand visited by each person.

In a quick draw, five people were chosen, the same who had the difficult choice of choosing the winners. Anyway, the invited restaurants and chefs showed their painstaking effort in every dish of ceviche, which was then delivered with a high taste and impeccable presentation to win the audience's admiration.

One of the winners, Rosita Robles, said she was excited that the competition was hard-fought, and thanked the audience and the jury that was part of the public and who chose her. She also thanked the organizers for such a successful festival.

Heidi Castrillon, president of the organizing committee said that, "It is a memorable moment for our country and especially for our community, as from now on our ceviche has a special day to be honored in this country; in a territory that not only welcomes thousands of Peruvians, but also exposed to the world with the amount of citizens from around the world living here," she said.

She particularly thanked the authorities of Paterson for their support in being an official sponsor and to the dozens of entities that made their collaboration, to achieve this historic event.

The atmosphere was enlivened by groups and artists living in this country; or in other words our native criolla music harmoniously tuned a long day of Peruvian cuisine.

Note that from now on the Peruvian Ceviche Fest will take place each year during the same month to reassess our popular dish, and to vindicate the gastronomic history of Peru. For more information on the brand "Peruvian Ceviche Fest" in other cities, feel free to write to:

Paterson, July 5th, 2012

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