Food and multiculturalism in the Peruvian Diaspora and Peruvian cuisine meeting point of cultures a Peruvian Restaurant Guide United States – 2012

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Food and multiculturalism in the Peruvian Diaspora and Peruvian cuisine meeting point of cultures a Peruvian Restaurant Guide United States – 2012.

This book is the meticulous work correctly spliced ​​were combined Heidi Castrillon, Executive Director of the Magazine and BIZ intellectual work of the sociologist MA, Jorge Yeshayahu Gonzales-Lara, combined in a guide-book a place to learn, and find useful information from the best restaurants Peruvians in the United States, gastronomic recipes, culinary secrets, articulated by comments and articles on Peruvian cuisine, the millennial history of the fusion of cultures, history Grilled Chicken, Peruvian Ceviche history, the history of lomo saltado and the fusion of Peruvian Chinese cuisine in the history of fried rice, a book for meditation and imagination where tastes are merged. Note the collaboration of writers, intellectuals and academics converge on a meeting point of cultures and culinary themes spliced, Jesus Rios director of the Long Island A Day Magazine Colombian journalist, Enrique Soria, journalist and sociologist Peruvian Ayllu Journal The history of Pisco Sour Aldehemar Sierra Alta Peruvian writer based in Miami, Florida,  Peruvian historian Jorge Bedregal, Arturo Quispe, a sociologist Director of the Digital Journal of Intercultural and José Carlos Luque comments Brazan, professor at the Autonoma University of Mexico.

The Peruvian cuisine has been settled in the U.S, and a large number of Peruvian restaurants present culinary diversity of Peruvian food. The regional and national Peruvian cuisine, which expresses the diversity of Peruvian cuisine, is natural meeting point of Peruvian immigrants in 32 cities and 441 Peruvian restaurants in America. Restaurants do not require special areas to be recognized as places of Peruvian food. The assessment of the food is transformed into a social space that transcends geographical space.

The cuisine is a representative element of cultural and intercultural where the kitchen was the meeting point of different cultures. Gastronomy is the meeting point of cultures produced is fusing culinary foods and flavors of four continents since the mid-nineteenth century. This new phenomenon is reaffirmed in the various festivals that are social events, economic and cultural factors that are primarily intended to promote Peruvian food culture and culinary styles culinary product of mergers. Peruvian restaurants have become gastronomic social spaces where friends and relatives living together share a culinary recreation that fuses different tastes and flavors. Peruvian cuisine has become the positive contribution of Peruvian migration in the development of transnational social space which causes a set of practices and relationships that give rise to such gastronomic spaces.

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