Miércoles 13 de Julio de 2011
El treinta de Julio podremos ver y escuchar la conjuncion de dos talentos del acervo musical Peruano.

Saturday July 30, 7pm Baruch Performing Arts Center 55 Lexington Avenue

Todas las Sangres: Peru, One Country Many Nations
Indigenous poetry meets anthropology with traditional and original compositions
Contemporary and Traditional Peruvian music

This Peruvian ensemble is the result of a collaborative process between composer and pianist Carlos Bernales Vilca and soprano and anthropologist Sylvia Falcón.

Inspired by indigenous people and novelist Jose Maria Arguedas’ masterpiece ‘Todas las Sangres’ (translated as ‘All Bloods’), the concert features poetry in Quechua and Amazonian languages set to original and traditional compositions.

Traditional and Contemporary Peruvian Music by one of Peru's brightest sopranos and anthropologists Sylvia Falcon, and Master composer-pianist Carlos David Bernales Vilca.

A must see for Music Lovers, followers of Latin American Culture, and all who want to celebrate our beloved world wonder: Machu Picchu.

New York, NY - Iati Theater presents its fourth annual 2-week festival "PAM 2011" (Performing Arts Marathon 2011). The festival wll feature the musical concert "Todas las Sangres (All Bloods). Peru. One Country, Many Nations." for voice and piano at the Baruch Performing Arts Center, 55 Lexington Avenue (at 25 street) in Manhattan, on Saturday, July 30, 2011.

PAM 2011 dedicated to promoting Latin culture and established Latin artists, features 12 cutting-edge performances across a two week span offering the City's best of dance, music and theater. "Todas las Sangres" celebrates the 100th birth anniversary of peruvian writer, anthropologist and ethnologist Jose Maria Arguedas Altamirano, through a select repertoire of Peruvian traditional and contemporary music which nurtures our power to love one another and mother earth. Sylvia Falcon and Carlos Bernales will perform songs from Peru's diverse and rich musical panorama encompassing genres from the Coast, Andean Mountains and the Forest such as carnaval, wayno, zamacueca, tondero, yaravi among others that were made famous by world renowned singers Yma Sumac and Luis Alva Talledo. They will also debut some of their latest works inspired heavily by the peruvian musical tradition.

"Todas las Sangres" will be performed:
Saturday, July 30th at 7pm.
Tickets are $20 online and $25 at the door. To buy online, go to Tickets for seniors and students are $18 online and $20 at the theater door.
More information:,


Carlos David Bernales Vilca: Peruvian composer and instrumentalist Carlos Bernales has recently been awarded the NY ACE (Association of Latin Entertainment Critics) 2010 award for his original composition and live music performance for a contemporary production of "Oh!Yantay" by Rasgos theatre company of NY. Bernales has written music for solo, chamber and symphonic orchestra; for theatre (Repertorio Espanol, La Tea), television (NBC, HITN) and radio (WBAI). His works have been performed by the Mannes College Orchestra, the Americas Ensemble from Julliard, and he himself has played at venues such as the United Nations 'Dag Hammarskjold' Auditorium, Mannes College, Queens College, Rutgers University, Flushing Town Hall, Peruvian National Conservatory. among others.

Sylvia Falcon: Sylvia is one of Peru's leading andean voices who has been working for the past few years with one of the greatest masters of peruvian andean guitar, Daniel Kirwayo. Their duo has resulted in an exquisite CD production entitled "Killa Lluqsimun" (2007). With this intimate format Sylvia has captured different audiences in different parts of Peru, in each performance she entrances the public with her genuine indigenous sonority, conveying with the power of her voice the spirit of the peruvian andes.
As social scientist, she leads a multicultural educational project for the appreciation and conservation of Quechua language through music.
Get your tickets at:
(212) 5056757
Find Sylvia Falcón
and Carlos Bernales Vilca
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