Speaking of elections in Peru: Ethics and loyalties with Peru

Speaking of elections in Peru
Ethics and loyalties with Peru

The danger of dual citizenship in political and public office of president, congressman, ambassador or diplomat can be used to avoid public responsibilities, policies and take refuge in another nationality or citizenship.
Have often wondered why the Peruvian prefers a foreign character to govern Peru, and the responses are most unlikely to hide covert racism against themselves, and prefer to be reflected in other ethnicities and races. They think that the Japanese are smarter than they even call it Chinese. They were unaware that the Japanese empire once wanted to rule the world.

Today Peruvians have a Keiko Fujimori, a candidate for a foreigner married to unemployed and younger brother Kenji candidate for Congress, which was shown in a video abusing a puppy. Alberto Fujimori's father, married a Japanese businesswoman to evade justice, and then was nominated by the People's Party of Japan and did not have the slightest decency to resign by fax, after escaping from Peru and stand as a candidate for another country . "The Peruvians have some idea of what it represents in the international community? The answer is obvious. NO.

A society where laws are a dead letter, and lynching is a form of justice, where everyone can steal, because it is part of its political culture, stealing electricity, stealing water, invading archaeological sites, destroying private property and politicians turn a state banquet, where La Plata Viene Sola  (Money comes alone,) a famous phrase Peruvian president. These and others are irrational things in a country where of all the blood is usually just an empty phrase.

Another candidate is Pedro Pablo Kuczynski has admitted to having an American citizen since 1982, and an ally of former U.S. ambassador to Peru, James Curtis Struble, who admitted to the media that only resign if he wins. The ethics and loyalty to Peru is a hollow phrase. A candidate cannot be allied to a foreign country, the political state must have its own profile because he represents a nation, and their loyalty and respect are with the constitution of Peru. Peruvians perceive it as the gringo who was minister of economy having dual citizenship, the silent complicity of the politicians, the press and the Peruvian people. The finance minister of a nation kept his dual citizenship. It is most unlikely in the modern world, but only occurs in Peru.

Common sense and dignity have been replaced by social irrationality. The candidates with dual citizenship as they view for political office public and lawmakers, judges, ministers, members of the constitutional court, attorney general and ombudsman. The ethical conflict arises if the Peruvian-born dual citizen is appointed to a public that require the representation of Peru in the country of their second citizenship. This creates a conflict of interest: What country is actually representing the staff member when entering the territory? “Who are their loyalties? It is a question of ethics and principles with the Constitution and the Constitution of Peru and Peruvians of all bloods.

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